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DizNights: Taking up where Pleasure Island left off!

I first moved to Orlando in 2002. There was no doubt that I’d end up working at Walt Disney World. The only questions was, where at Disney World would I end up working? I originally moved here with dreams of becoming a musician at the parks. I’d been a drummer for many years, and I thought combining my love of drumming with my passion for Disney would be a dream job. I’m sure it would’ve been…if I had been good enough.

But, needless to say, I was nowhere near the caliber of musician that Disney was looking for. Basically, they want a musician that could play any style of music at the drop of a hat. They needed someone that could sight read music flawlessly, and that was not me. So, instead I ended up going to WDW casting, and after telling the HR staff member that I was interested in music, their first reaction was to place me at Pleasure Island. Makes sense right? They had music at Pleasure Island.

If you’re not familiar with Pleasure Island, you’re most likely not familiar with WDW at all, or you were literally born yesterday. But, just to give you a brief explanation of “PI” as we all called it, it was a collection of night clubs located at what was then Downtown Disney. After 6pm, you paid an admission fee to get onto Pleasure Island where you had access to all of the night clubs. PI was quite the popular spot for nightlife. There was a comedy club, BET Soundstage club, a 70’s and 80’s club, a Techno dance club, and several others. Every night of the week there was sure to be a big crowd.

In 2008, Disney decided that Pleasure Island had run its course and it was time for something new. All the clubs were closed, and Downtown Disney gradually began turning into what is now Disney Springs. There were lots of rumors as to why Disney decided to end Pleasure Island’s run. Some said there were too many problems with underage drinking. Some said they couldn’t compete with Universal’s City Walk. But I believe the truth to be that it was just time for a change. Disney certainly embraces change, and they had big plans for Downtown Disney that did not include night clubs.

Pleasure Island was promoted as the spot to go when the parks close. It was the “adult side” of Disney. Their slogan was Carpe PM….seize the night! So what happens when there’s no more Pleasure Island to go to? Where do all of those adults find their nighttime fun? Sure there are plenty of restaurants and bars around WDW property. But they don’t have the same vibe that Pleasure Island did. There was something about PI that was unique and fun.

It was because of the closing of Pleasure Island that DizMeet came up with the idea of DizNights. There was a void that needed to be filled, and DizNights began filling that void by providing a way for adults of all ages to meet and have nighttime fun around Walt Disney World. It started out with a couple of small events in area lounges, and then began to grow in popularity, attracting larger and larger numbers of attendees.

More recently, the DizNights Monorail Crawl has been a huge favorite among DizMeet members. The Monorail Crawl typically starts at the Polynesian Resort at Tambu Lounge, then we hop on the Monorail, making stops at The Grand Floridian and The Contemporary. The Boardwalk Crawls have also been very popular, when we visit many of the lounges located at the EPCOT resorts. Both of these events are held periodically, and continue to provide a great way for DizMeet members to meet each other and enjoy the great nightlife Disney World has to offer.

If you are interested in participating in one of our DizNights events, go to and sign up!


The Monorail Crawl gains popularity!


DizMeet has a few recurring Meetups, one of which is the Monorail Crawl. These meetups have been popular since the very first one we had, and it seems like they just keep getting more popular each time we have one. Last night’s monorail crawl was no exception as we had over 140 RSVP’s. The crowd was amazing…obviously the atmosphere was amazing…and the night overall was a great success.

As usual, we started the night off at Tambu Lounge at the Polynesian Resort…and as usual it took forever to get a drink there. I’m not dissing the bartenders by any means. I’m just saying that its a popular bar, so things can take a while. Its no surprise that the Tambu bar is typically busy around that time of day because its the waiting area for Ohana as well. Its really the atmosphere of the place that keeps me going back. As crazy as it sounds, Tambu reminds me of the Regal Beagle from Three’s Company.

Later, we moved the crowd over to The Grand Floridian and the bar at Citricos. Our normal spot at Grand Floridian is Mizner’s, but due to a refurb of a quick-serve restaurant at the hotel, Mizner’s is out of commission for a while. I have to say, the bar at Citricos was a bit strange. Maybe I’m just used to Mizner’s, but something didn’t feel right. I didn’t even realize that much of our group was hanging out on and around the balcony area until after we left. I wish I had known, because now I feel like I neglected that whole group while we were there….not that they noticed my absence.

Last, but definitely no least on the crawl was The Wave at the Contemporary Resort. I don’t know if its the fact that this place is perfect for a big group, or that people are usual drunk by the time we get there, but The Wave has a reputation of being the spot where people finally let their hair down and have some fun. It also helps that someone in the group had a room at the hotel with lots of complementary adult beverages. And to the person who’s room this was….THANK YOU!

The Monorail Crawls are always my favorite meetups. It could be because we get a large crowd, or the atmosphere around the area, or the booze…but I always have an amazing time. To those of you that went, I thank you. To those that didn’t go, you really missed out, and need to go to the next one for sure. They just keep getting better and better!

If you’re not already a member of DizMeet, join us at and find out what all the talk is about.



Last Night’s Meetup – 8/23/13

Once again, our group leader sent me a last-minute request and has pestered me into posting a blog for our Friday night meetups. I agreed to do it this time, despite being viciously attacked in the previous week’s blog for not having the time to post.

This week’s blog is a little late, mostly due to the fact that I wasn’t even asked to do it until this morning, but I also needed the extra time to think about the events of Friday night before writing them down. Things started out a little slow at Sea Dog Brewing Company. When I arrived, everybody was sitting at a table, quietly drinking their beers. Not a good start to the evening.

I refused to sit and, fortunately, it didn’t take long before the rest of the crew followed suit. Maybe we should have stayed seated. Before I knew it, our group had taken over a second table, then the entire half of the restaurant. Children seemed frightened to walk through our section to get to the restroom or front door, and I’m pretty sure those were not happy looks their parents were throwing our way.

By this point, I’m sure you’re wondering what, exactly, was so horrible about our behavior. In addition to the loud and lewd discussions, it didn’t take long for the groping to begin. Most of this was friendly and fairly innocent. At least one person got a little out of hand, though, and after the waiter (politely) gave us our checks and let us know it was time to leave, those of the group who had not already been chased off moved on to a new location.

Unfortunately, the new location was smoky and kind of gross. We all smelled like dirty whores within a minute and decided to move on yet again.

The last place, Kitty O’Shea’s, was fun. Well, at least we ladies thought so. I learned a new lesson that night. Men do not appreciate it when you invite more men into your group! Needless to say, we decided to call it an evening shortly after my little faux pas, leaving behind two cute, but bewildered, men. Sorry guys!

Last Night’s Meetup – 8/16/13

Friday Night's logo

Friday Night’s logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I first want to apologize for being late on posting this episode of Last Night’s Meetup. Without naming any names, a certain member of the group promised to write this week’s blog, but failed to follow through with that promise. I assure you, this member of the group will be severely punished for this blatant act of insubordination. For everyone else in the group that is interested in writing posts on the blog, keep in mind that any tom-foolery such as this will not be tolerated in any way. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience and will make sure that this situation doesn’t happen again. Now, onto Last Night’s Meetup (which is actually the Night Before Last’s Meetup).

Friday Night’s Meetup was great, as usual. And as usual, I think a lot of the things that made it great, were not-so-great things. It’s really all the little moments of the meetup that stick in your mind, good or bad, that are really the things that make it memorable. And I suppose that any memory, good or bad, somehow turns out great when its at Disney. Aww….isn’t that sweet? I’ll go over a few of the memorable moments of the night, and as usual I’ll try to avoid mentioning any names and / or making anyone hate my guts….any more than they already do. Before I begin, let me preface this by saying that everything you read here is my interpretation of what went on. Others in the group might think what I’m saying is total nonsense. That’s one of the reasons why I really want people to participate and comment on the blog posts. Do it!

Although we decided to go back to the usual Monorail Crawl for this meetup, we switched it up a bit. Instead of starting at Tambu, then moving around to Mizner’s and The Wave…we went from Tambu to the Territory Lounge at Wilderness Lodge via boat. Tambu was just as good as ever. Although there is one thing that sort of bothers me about Tambu. It really doesn’t lend itself to everyone walking around and mingling. The seating at Tambu makes people jump towards a stool or seat when it becomes available. But, I think Tambu is a great place to start the night out. It’s sort of a gathering place where we can pull everyone together and head out to wherever we’re going to get truly drunk.  Once we were all present, we decided to take our drinks and get on the monorail. We rode around to the Magic Kingdom where we got off the monorail, and waited in line for too long to get on the sauna….I mean the boat.

Monorail at Walt Disney World in Florida Monor...

Monorail at Walt Disney World in Florida Monorail Black passing the main entrance to the Magic Kingdom towards the station as seen from the Magic Kingdom train (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As much as I’d like to blame the boat idea on someone else, I have to admit it was totally my idea. I guess I could blame everyone else for agreeing to my idea. So in the end, its really not my fault. Things got real shitty once we got off the monorail. It was hot and humid, we had to wait in line for the boat for what seemed like an eternity, and I always feel a little uncomfortable on a drinking meetup when we have to wait in line right next to a family that has little kids and has been at the parks all day. When the boat finally arrived, and we started to board, everything seemed much better…..until we actually got on the boat. This was standing room only. They really packed the people on there. Think of being locked in a port-a-potty with 3 other people in the hottest part of the day in Orlando. That’s what it was like…minus the poop smell. Well, sort of. One great thing about this boat ride was that I got to go over the water bridge next to the Contemporary. I’ve driven under that thing a million times, and this was the first time I’d actually gone over it. Good times.

When we finally got to The Wilderness Lodge, we hit up the Territory Lounge. I’ve been to this place a couple of times, and had forgotten what a crappy beer selection they have. But, there were nearby food options for those that were hungry. I also like the atmosphere of the Territory Lounge, and the service is pretty good there. This is a place I wouldn’t mind visiting on future meetups. I’ve always been a huge fan of the Wilderness Lodge, and anytime I have an excuse to go there, I’m all about it. We spent the rest of the night at Territory Lounge and as the night went on, some people started to worry about how they were going to get back to their cars. Most people had parked at one of the other resorts, and the boats quit running at some point. I took my chance to get a ride, and left several people still drinking at the lounge. I haven’t heard from those people since Friday, so I hope they didn’t get abducted by the chupacabra that haunts the Wilderness Lodge grounds at night.

So how’s that for a great blog post? Pretty boring huh? Well, I completely agree. I think the blog would be much more interesting if I mentioned all of the little things that happened during the meetup between attendees that really made the night interesting. Believe me, I understand that my boring rendition of the night’s events are about as entertaining as Big Mamma’s House 2 (not the first one, it was pretty good). I know that the blog needs some gossip. You need to hear the juicy details of what really went on that night. But it’s tough to do that without really pissing some people off. It wouldn’t be hard to change the names so that nobody would really know who I’m talking about, but obviously that person would know I’m talking about them.

Entrance of Disney's Wilderness Lodge

Entrance of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For now, I’m going to refrain from mentioning the “juicy” details. But trust me, if you’re willing to participate in the group and meet people, you’ll definitely be entertained. If you’ve read the meetup comments lately, you know that our members aren’t afraid to get a little politically incorrect, and for that matter, downright offensive. Over the past few weeks, our Friday Night Meetups have really began gaining popularity. We’ve met some great new people, and I hope many more new members will join us on these Friday Night Meetups. As I said, for now I’ve decided not to go overboard on the details of these meetups, but I strongly urge you to check out a meetup for yourself and join in the fun!


Last Night’s Meetup – 8/9/13

Walt Disney Port Orleans Resort

Walt Disney Port Orleans Resort (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I consider last night’s meetup to be the meetup of “firsts”. There were lots of firsts for me personally as well as for the group. For me, it was the first time going to Port Orleans French Quarter, the first time riding the boat to Downtown Disney, the first time seeing the new Lava Lounge at Rainforest Cafe, and the first time for me to go inside Raglan Road. As far as firsts for the group, there were quite a few first-time members joining us, it was our first lounge meetup at Scat Cat’s and Raglan Road, and it was the first time we’ve had over 20 people at a meetup. Last night was an amazing night for a lot of reasons, and I really hope everyone else had just as much fun as I did.

We started the night out at Scat Cat’s lounge at the Port Orleans French Quarter. As I mentioned, this was my fist time going to this lounge. I went in with no expectations and really not knowing anything at all about this place. Honestly, I had never even heard of Scat Cat’s…which means there’s probably lots of cool lounges around property that I don’t know about. I was under the impression that the live entertainment at Scat Cat’s was the main attraction. As it turned out, the musician plays just outside of the bar area, and to me, seemed more like background music than something to sit and watch. I thought the atmosphere at Scat Cat’s was good, although I will say that its a bit brighter than I prefer for a lounge.

There was one part of Scat Cat’s that I was not pleased with, and I know I heard at least one other member comment on it. The Bartender. I’ll just say it….this guy seemed like a real asshole. When I ordered my first beer, he sort of had this attitude of “hurry it up guy, you’re interrupting me!”. When another member of the group asked the bartender if he accepted Tables in Wonderland cards, his response was “yeah, if I have to”. Whenever I get a bartender like this, my goal is to order as much as I can and demand as much as possible, while leaving just enough tip to let the guy know that I was less than pleased…..or European.

Downtown Disney Marketplace - Ghirardelli

Downtown Disney Marketplace – Ghirardelli (Photo credit: Evan Wohrman)

But enough about the bad service. This blog is about what a great night it was, and although the story of the bad bartender seems negative on the surface, its little things like that that will spice up a meetup. Scat Cat’s was fun, and I was really happy to see everyone that showed up. We had quite a few regulars, some first-timers, and a few friends that we haven’t seen in quite a while. Oh, and I forgot to mention earlier in the “firsts” explanation…this was the first time at a meetup that I felt we actually mingled instead of all sitting around in a huge circle. This is something that I’ve been striving for for a long time now. I have to say I’m a bit disappointed that I wasn’t the one that actually set this meetup up. I might just be a little jealous of the person that did set it up….and I won’t say who that is.

Although this was my first time at the French Quarter, I have been to Riverside before. Unfortunately, I participated in one of the famous Yeehaw Bob performances. I’ve never been a fan of audience participation, and that’s what his show is all about. I was fairly adamant before the meetup that I would NOT be going to the River Roost to see Yeehaw Bob. So, naturally the group as a whole decided we should check out the River Roost and Yeehaw Bob when we left Scat Cat’s. Thankfully, after our hour-long hike to get to River Roost, it was packed. No place to sit. That meant it was time to hop  on the boat and head over to Downtown Disney.

I thought the hike from Scat Cat’s to River Roost was long, but that was nothing compared to the boat ride. I felt like they should’ve had a casino onboard…or at the very least, a restroom. We finally made it over to Downtown Disney, at the boat dock next to the Rainforest Cafe. It’s been a while since I had been to Downtown Disney, and I knew that Rainforest Cafe was going through some rehab, but I didn’t realize they were building an outdoor lounge, called “Lava Lounge”. They also did some enhancements to the outside of the restaurant like smoke and fire shooting from the volcano. Very cool.

A typical sign outside of a Rainforest Cafe.

A typical sign outside of a Rainforest Cafe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our original plan was to go to Lava Lounge, but when we got there we realized that the place was packed as well. No seats available, and really no place for 20 people to stand around and drink. Although Lava Lounge was a cool place, it doesn’t seem like a hangout sort of place as much as it is a quick drink at the bar while you’re doing some shopping sort of place.

We decided to head over to Raglan Road, and I was excited since I’d never been there before. I’ve walked by Raglan Road plenty of times, and for some reason I was thinking that it was a small pub inside and an outside bar with a few tables. I was very surprised to see that this place was quite huge inside….some might even say “ginormous”…a fictional word that I hate. There were musicians playing inside and outside, several bars, and great atmosphere. I really liked this place. I’ll definitely be back. We actually found one single table that was large enough to fit the whole group! Why didn’t someone tell me about this a long time ago? This was the perfect spot for a Friday Night Meetup.

Raglan Road is where the night began to slow down and come to an end. After one last stroll through the marketplace, it was time to call it a night. I gotta mention the heat here. It’s hot….and I know that it’s so cliché to say that its hot in Florida in August, but I feel that its an important aspect to summertime meetups. The good thing about the heat is that it makes those 65-degree nights at EPCOT later in the year all that much better.

It certainly seems like our Friday Night Meetups are gaining in popularity, and they keep getting better and better. I encourage everyone to join the DizMeet group if you’re not already a member, and come join us for our next Friday Night Meetup.

Last Night’s Meetup – 8/3/13

Image representing Meetup as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase


This is the first installment of a new series I’m calling “Last Night’s Meetup”. The name pretty much says it all. It will be an overall description of the previous night’s meetup, and sort of a review….good or bad. The idea is to make the meetups sound as enticing as possible so that we attract new members. Why do we want to attract new members? I have no idea, but it seems like a logical thing to do.


Believe it or not, the DizMeet Meetup Group is quite a dramatic environment…depending on what your idea of drama is. When I first decided to do these meetup review posts, I thought I’d talk about all of the interesting dynamics between members…and the relative drama that it can cause within the group. Particularly, I thought it would be cool to write about any interesting conversations or interactions between members.


The only problem discussing all of this “juicy” meetup gossip is that there’s a good chance the people I’m writing about will read this. Being that the topic of discussion at most of our meetups is far from our favorite Disney attractions, some members may not like their private conversations being discussed on a blog. So what do I do? Do I talk about all of these extremely interesting meetup details, risking making some members angry? Do I stick to only the topics that were G-rated, making them safe for a public blog? My solution was to mix the two. Although I try to discuss the interesting parts of the meetup, I will do it in a way that doesn’t piss anyone off….at least for now.


English: Lobby of Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodg...

English: Lobby of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge at Walt Disney World. Français : Hall d’accueil du Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge à Walt Disney World. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Okay, enough explanation. Let’s talk about how things went last night. We had our usual Friday Night Meetup at Victoria Falls Lounge at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. This is by far one of my favorite lounges on Disney property. Great atmosphere, good service, nice seating, close to food, and last but not least, a Disney lounge. We’ve had quite a few meetups at this lounge, some good…some bad. Thankfully, despite some interesting turn of events, it really turned out to be an awesome night!


As I mentioned before, I’m going to try not to mention anything that could make anyone angry. But there were certain things that happened last night that I feel are worth bringing up. Hopefully my recount of last night’s festivities won’t be taken negatively by anyone in the group. If it does, I encourage you to participate in the dialogue by commenting on this post.


I’ll start off by saying this…it’s possible that a typical Friday night DizMeet meetup may not be the best place to bring a date for the first time. Normally I wouldn’t consider taking a date to a meetup, but due to certain circumstances that I won’t go into, it so happened that I took someone to last night’s meetup. Although everything started out just fine, things soon took a turn for the worse (for reasons I’m not totally clear on), and I ended up taking this date back to her car….ending our “date” and most likely any chance for a second one. That’s all I’ll say about that.


Once the drama of the failed meetup date passed, I was able to get back to the meetup and continue the evening as planned. I’m not sure if it was the company, the atmosphere, the beer, or all of it combined; but last night I thought was one of the best Friday Night Meetup’s we’ve had. I really had a great time. Everyone seemed to get along, the conversation was good and lots of laughs.


These Friday Night Meetups seem to be increasingly popular with the group. I hope that you’ll consider checking one out if you haven’t already. I also hope you’ll consider participating in the DizMeet Discussion Board as well as commenting on these blog posts. Also, if you’re single, I hope you’ll check out DizDate. It’s a great place to meet other singles interested in Walt Disney World. But remember, I wouldn’t suggest a DizMeet meetup as your first date!




Friday Night Monorail Crawls!

Disney - Monorail at Night (Explored)

Disney – Monorail at Night (Explored) (Photo credit: Express Monorail)

What’s the best part of your summer? Hopefully, Friday Night Monorail Crawls with the DizMeet group is near the top of your list (along with Dole Whips). I can’t think of too many things that are much better than getting drunk AND riding the monorail at the same time. That’s why we’ve started this new summer routine.

I’ve said it before…once I found out that you could actually bring drinks on the monorail, my life changed. For some reason I had always assumed that I had to finish up my drink before moving onto the next lounge on the loop. But, I’m really glad I was wrong. No longer do we have to wait until everyone finishes their drink. We can leave…..whenever. Of course, its still necessary to pay for your drinks before hopping on the monorail, but at least you can do all of that with a drink in your hand.

We’ve already had several great Monorail Crawl meetups, and we plan on continuing this every Friday night until the weather gets a little cooler (and Food & Wine Festival begins). We typically start things off around 7:30 or 8pm at the Tambu Lounge at the Polynesian. This is the lounge/bar area that also doubles as the waiting area for Ohana. Despite getting there at peak dinner time, it seems like we’re always able to find a spot at the bar, or a few chairs in the lounge area. I always keep my fingers crossed that at least one person in the group will get a Lapu Lapu, or at the very least, a Back Scratcher.

After a drink or two at Tambu, its time to hop on the monorail and hit the next spot. By the way, did I mention you can drink on the monorail!? Anyway, next stop, Mizner’s at the Grand Floridian. I have to be honest, Mizner’s hasn’t really excited me much lately. I’m not sure what it is, but the last few times I’ve been to Mizner’s I’m sort of anxious to get to the next stop. It could be the slow service, it could be the stuffy atmosphere, or it could be that I love Tambu too much. Regardless, Mizner’s is a regular stop on our tour of Monorail lounges….so it shall remain as such.

The Wave Lounge

The Wave Lounge (Photo credit: tom.arthur)

Last stop, The Wave at Contemporary. By this time of the night, I’m ready for a snack, and The Wave has an amazing Black Bean Chili. Good Stuff! Great atmosphere at the Wave too. The bar is rather large so there’s never an issue with finding a spot. Even if the bar was full, there is still plenty of space at the two very large circular waiting rooms. These rooms are  equipped large comfy couches and chairs, and are lit in a very cool blue light. Of course, at this point on the monorail crawl I’ve already had a few drinks, so maybe that’s what makes the blue light cool.

Once we’ve had our fill of The Wave, its usually close to midnight which is the closing time for the lounges and bars along the monorail loop. So, this is when we ride the monorail one last time for the night and head back to the Polynesian to disperse. This is the monorail crawl in a nutshell. But, the real fun of the monorail comes with meeting other Disney World fans and and creating some new friendships.

If you’ve yet to join us for a Friday Night Monorail Crawl, I urge you to try it soon. It’s guaranteed to be a good time…..well, not literally guaranteed. Not a member of the group yet? Then click on the “Meetup!” link above and join us!

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