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DizMeet DATW Food & Wine Edition – 10/24/15

IMG_0239Last weekend was a great one for DizMeet. We had two events, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Both were a huge success and it was a great kickoff to DizMeet’s fall season, which is sure to be full of amazing meetups!

On Saturday we had a meetup scheduled at EPCOT starting at 3pm. Although this was technically called a “Drinking around the world” meetup, it turned out quite differently….and I think it was a lot better.

First of all, when I set the meetup date, I guess I didn’t do my research regarding how crowded the park was going to be. I just assumed that because Food & Wine had already been going on for a few weeks, the crowds wouldn’t be too bad. Boy was I wrong. Things were VERY busy!

As I struggled through the crowd to make it to our designated meeting spot, which was the outdoor tables between Liberty Inn and Fife & Drum quick-serve stand in the American Adventure, I passed by line after line full of people. Each one seemingly longer than the one before. But as usual, I had my heart set on a good ole Sam Adams beer in America. Unfortunately, I knew that because every single line for food and drinks was insanely long, the line at the Fife & Drum would most likely be just as insane.

Finally, I made it to Fife & Drum, and to my delight, there were only 3 people in line! Amazing! It was¬†like the gods of refreshment were smiling down upon me. So, I grabbed my Sam Adams and sat down in a nice shady spot. Soon after I was joined by the rest of the attendees for the meetup. We sat there for a while, had some great conversation, and then decided it was time to move it along to our first destination….Mexico.

Naturally, when you think of drinking in Mexico, you think of La Cava del Tequila, and that’s where we headed. Now I’ve been to this Tequila bar during what I thought was the busiest of times at EPCOT, but nothing could’ve prepared me for the line that awaited us inside Mexico. This place was beyond packed! Basically, the line started in the main lobby area of Mexico, next to the kid’s coloring area. We spend close to an hour waiting in line. But I have to say, with good company, the line doesn’t seem so bad. And once we got our Margaritas, it was definitely worth it.

We sat and drank our Margaritas and talked for a while, and just enjoyed the Mexican pavilion. Believe it or not, we didn’t make it any further than Mexico. The time really flew that day, and essentially we spent several hours in America and Mexico enjoying each other’s company. It was great to meet new friends and reconnect with old ones.

I have to admit that we probably would’ve hung out a little longer if the crowds hadn’t been so bad, and if maybe had been just a little cooler outside. But regardless, we had an amazing time and I really look forward to hanging out with everyone again very soon.

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Parking at Walt Disney World Resort Hotels

Needless to say, I’m a big Disney World fan. I try to take advantage of all that WDW has to offer. That includes the resort hotels. I can honestly say I visit the hotels even more than I do the theme parks. That’s not to say that I’m booking room nights at the hotels and actually staying overnight. Typically, I go to the resorts to just stroll around and enjoy the scenery, have some lunch or dinner at one of the great restaurants, spend an evening at one of the unique lounges, or just to setup a good spot to sit down and work on the computer for a while.

I’ve noticed that over the years its become increasingly hard to park at some of the hotels around WDW property. Security is without a doubt much tighter at the hotels that are connected to one of the theme parks. I can always get into DAKL, Coronado Springs, and Wilderness Lodge without any problems. But trying to park at the Polynesian, Contemporary, or Yacht & Beach can be a real hassle at times.

I understand that they have to watch out for people trying to get free parking at some of the resorts to avoid having to pay the hefty parking fees at the main lots. But should the locals that genuinely want to go spend time at the resort hotels have to suffer for this? Of course when the guard turns you away, they always give you the alternative method for getting to the resort. But who wants to park in a separate lot and take a monorail, boat, taxi, bus, or hike to their actual destination? Not me. I’d like to park in the parking lot of where I’m going and just walk in the building from there!

I think one of my main problems with not being allowed to park at some of the hotels some of the time is that it doesn’t necessarily seem to depend on the time of year, or how busy things are. It really seems to depend more upon the security guard manning the booth at the time you visit. Don’t get me wrong, dealing with this is much better than Disney charging money to park at the hotels. But still, maybe we can get some sort of system going where you show them your Annual Pass and your Florida Driver’s License and they roll out the red carpet for you! ūüėČ

This rant has been brought to you by the letter P, and the number 0.

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Top 7 “Make Out” Rides at Walt Disney World

For couples visiting Walt Disney World, there’s no shortage of romantic spots to sit with your partner and enjoy each other’s company. Whether you’re having a nice dinner at Victoria & Albert’s or holding hands strolling down Main Street USA, love is in the air whenever you’re together at the Most Magical Place on Earth!

On occasion, though, couples may feel the need to show their affection in a more physical way. No! I’m not talking about that! Get your mind out of the gutter! I’m talking about a peck on the lips, or maybe even a long lip-lock. For those that are anti PDA (Public Displays of Affection), you might be left wondering where you can get that smooch in without attracting stares from other guests.

Below is a list of the Top 7 Make Out attractions or rides in the Walt Disney World theme parks. Sure, there are lots of secluded spots on property you can sneak off to and do your thing, but isn’t it much more exciting to do it on a ride? So, without further ado, here are the Top 7 Make Out Rides at Walt Disney World.

#7 – It’s Tough to be a Bug

Granted, this one is nowhere near your typical “tunnel of love” type attraction. But, there is one specific spot during the show where you can be assured that nobody will see you lean in for that kiss. When Hopper begins his attack on the humans, the entire theater is filled with thick fog. During that time, you can barely see your hand in front of your face, much less someone making out next to you. Keep in mind though, the fog does clear soon after….so make it quick!

#6 – Carousel of Progress

This is the only other theater style attraction on the list. This attraction could easily be described as the most popular unpopular ride at Walt Disney World. For that reason, its not hard to find times during the day that there are very few people in the theater. Its not impossible at all, in fact, to find that you’re one of only a few people on the attraction. So, pick a good time when its not busy, and sit in the back row. If you can withstand the constant singing of “There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow”, then you’ll have plenty of time to get your snog on.

#5 – Tommorowland Transit Authority Peoplemover

There are a couple of opportunities on this ride to get close to your loved one. If you happen to get on one of the vehicles that don’t have many people on it, chances are you’ll be well out of sight of the other riders and can do as you please without worry. If you are not so lucky to be the only ones riding, there are a couple of areas on the ride that are in complete darkness. That’s your chance to make the most of the dark.

#4 – The Seas with Nemo and Friends

Your Clam Mobile makes for a great little private escape for you and your partner. The way these ride vehicles are shaped, its very difficult to see the people in the clams on either side of you. But be mindful of where you are. There are certainly spots during the ride where you can easily see others in their Clam Mobile. Maybe while you’re looking for Nemo, you can find some lovin’ along the way. That was cheesy, I know.

#3 – Haunted Mansion

The Doom Buggies on this attraction are very similar to the Clam Mobiles on The Seas with Nemo and Friends. So there is still the same element of privacy while you’re in your vehicle. But, the Haunted Mansion adds the element of darkness, which can help out tremendously. Lots of opportunities to make out on this one, nearly from beginning to end. Just remember, when you pickup hitch-hiking ghosts, its best to avoid any physical contact.

#2 – Spaceship Earth

This can be a great ride to snuggle up with your partner on, but like TTA Peoplemover, much of it depends on where you’re sitting and how many people are nearby. That being said, there are a couple of very dark areas of the ride where you can sneak a kiss. But, if you find yourself unable to find the right time to make your move, at least you can make kissy faces at each other when you get your photo taken near the beginning of the ride.

#1 – The Monorail

I know, the Monorail is probably not what you were expecting, but let me explain. If we’re talking about rides you can get some privacy on, there’s no place better than the monorail. Of course its essential that you find a monorail car to yourselves. That’s not impossible, though, and I’ve managed to do that on several occasions. Once you’re in, there’s no limits! No chance of someone walking in on you, not many chances for people to see in your car (except as you go through the Contemporary Hotel). So for these reason, The Monorail makes the number 1 choice for the best Make Out Spots in Walt Disney World!

Please note, everything above refers to innocent kissing only…no heavy petting, hanky panky, funny business, or anything else that goes beyond lip wrestling. Also keep in mind that Walt Disney World probably has one of the most advanced surveillance systems in the world, and no matter where you are at any given time, chances are you’re on camera being watched.

Please Kiss Responsibly!

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DizNights: Taking up where Pleasure Island left off!

I first moved to Orlando in 2002. There was no doubt that I’d end up working at Walt Disney World. The only questions was, where at Disney World would I end up working? I originally moved here with dreams of becoming a musician at the parks. I’d been a drummer for many years, and I thought combining my love of drumming with my passion for Disney would be a dream job. I’m sure it would’ve been…if I had been good enough.

But, needless to say, I was nowhere near the caliber of musician that Disney was looking for. Basically, they want a musician that could play any style of music at the drop of a hat. They needed someone that could sight read music flawlessly, and that was not me. So, instead I ended up going to WDW casting, and after telling the HR staff member that I was interested in music, their first reaction was to place me at Pleasure Island. Makes sense right? They had music at Pleasure Island.

If you’re not familiar with Pleasure Island, you’re most likely not familiar with WDW at all, or you were literally born yesterday. But, just to give you a brief explanation of “PI” as we all called it, it was a collection of night clubs located at what was then Downtown Disney. After 6pm, you paid an admission fee to get onto Pleasure Island where you had access to all of the night clubs. PI was quite the popular spot for nightlife. There was a comedy club, BET Soundstage club, a 70’s and 80’s club, a Techno dance club, and several others. Every night of the week there was sure to be a big crowd.

In 2008, Disney decided that Pleasure Island had run its course and it was time for something new. All the clubs were closed, and Downtown Disney gradually began turning into what is now Disney Springs. There were lots of rumors as to why Disney decided to end Pleasure Island’s run. Some said there were too many problems with underage drinking. Some said they couldn’t compete with Universal’s City Walk. But I believe the truth to be that it was just time for a change. Disney certainly embraces change, and they had big plans for Downtown Disney that did not include night clubs.

Pleasure Island was promoted as the spot to go when the parks close. It was the “adult side” of Disney. Their slogan was Carpe PM….seize the night! So what happens when there’s no more Pleasure Island to go to? Where do all of those adults find their nighttime fun? Sure there are plenty of restaurants and bars around WDW property. But they don’t have the same vibe that Pleasure Island did. There was something about PI that was unique and fun.

It was because of the closing of Pleasure Island that DizMeet came up with the idea of DizNights. There was a void that needed to be filled, and DizNights began filling that void by providing a way for adults of all ages to meet and have nighttime fun around Walt Disney World. It started out with a couple of small events in area lounges, and then began to grow in popularity, attracting larger and larger numbers of attendees.

More recently, the DizNights Monorail Crawl has been a huge favorite among DizMeet members. The Monorail Crawl typically starts at the Polynesian Resort at Tambu Lounge, then we hop on the Monorail, making stops at The Grand Floridian and The Contemporary. The Boardwalk Crawls have also been very popular, when we visit many of the lounges located at the EPCOT resorts. Both of these events are held periodically, and continue to provide a great way for DizMeet members to meet each other and enjoy the great nightlife Disney World has to offer.

If you are interested in participating in one of our DizNights events, go to and sign up!

The Children Under the Stars – Part 3

When we left off, Clint’s coworker had told him an intteresting story about a young man named Albert that his daughter had met at Disney World. She had claimed that Albert had no parents, and that he actually live full-time on Disney World property. She had also mentioned that there were more children just like Albert, and they called themselves The Children Under The Stars.

After Clint had heard everything that Kevin had to say about his daughter’s tale of The Children Under The Stars, he desperately wanted to find out if there was any truth to this amazing story. Obviously, his urge was to excuse this as a child’s imagination, and it was just a coincidence that Kevin’s story went along with what Clint had seen in the parking lot that night. But then again, Clint knew that he saw something in those trees. Whether it was just a made up child’s story, his mind playing tricks on him, or there was actually some truth to all of it…he was going to do his best to find out.

The following day at work, Clint met with Kevin, his coworker, and told him that he was going to start doing some of his own research on The Children Under The Stars. Because they were both castmembers, they had access to many of the areas that regular guests could not get to. They decided that during their time off, they would search as much of the WDW property as they could to find clues. They would begin that night, by searching the wooded area of the parking lots where Clint had first seen a glimpse of someone in the trees.

After their shift that night at Hollywood Studios (then Disney/MGM Studios), around midnight, they grabbed a couple of flashlights and headed out for the patch of trees where Clint had his sighting. They examined the tree where Clint thought he had seen someone sitting in, but saw nothing out of the orginary. They began to search the surrounding area, and just as they were beginning to get dissapointed, Kevin saw something unusual as he shined his flashlight high in a tree.

Kevin called for Clint to come over, and he again pointed his flashlight up into the thickest part of a tall pine tree. They could see something about 25 feet up, reflecting the light from flashlight. Without much thought, Clint began climbing the tree. Surprisingly, Clint made it up to the spot where they had seen the object fairly quickly. The tree’s limbs were spaced just right for him to climb it quickly and easily.

As he reached the spot of interest, he called down to Kevin. “You’re not going to believe this one, buddy!”. He climbed back down, much slower than he had gone up. As he got close to the bottom of the tree, Kevin was anxiously awaiting to see what Clint had found in the tree. Finally, Clint made it to the bottom of the tree. “Well, what is it? What did you find?” Kevin asked excitedly.

Clint then produced what looked to be a small spy glass. It was actually one half of a small pair of binoculars. It looks as though someone had broken a pair of binoculars in half. It was the lens of the crudely made spy glass that reflected the light from the flashlight. They had been hanging by their strap on a small broken branch in the tree.

The two men stood there in the dark, amazed at what they had discovered. Could this be proof that there was someone in this area the night Clint saw something? Could it be that this spy glass is used on a regular basis by someone, or by a group of people…or children? Kevin began to circle the tree again, shining his light all over it to see if there was anything else that had missed. All of a sudden, Kevin said, “Clint, you should come check this out”. Clint walked to the other side of the tree, and there was Kevin shining his flashlight right at the tree, about 3 feet off the ground. There, carved into the tree, were the words The CUTS.

…To be continued.

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DizDash Makes its Debut!


Sunday October 25th marks the beginning of what will be a monthly event for DizMeet. It will be the first ever DizDash! A fun and exciting race around the Walt Disney World resorts to find the secret location. Be the first DizMeet member to find the designated secret spot and the grand prize is yours!

For some time now, DizMeet has played host to various interactive style events, such as Scavenger Hunts and other competition-based meetups. The Scavenger Hunts in particular have been very successful within the DizMeet group, often bringing in more than 100 participants at each event. Most of these events were either focused on one of the four major theme parks, or in some instances, there was a Scavenger Hunt that actually spanned all four Walt Disney World theme parks.

For DizDash, we’ve simplified things….a lot. There’s no long list of items that you have to carry around and check off. Who wants to walk around the parks with a piece of paper and a pen all day? Not me. Also, there’s no software or app that you need to download in order to participate. Granted, we will be giving out clues on our social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter…but most everyone will have those apps installed on their mobile device already. Lastly, there will not be a lengthy grading process at the end of the event to determine the winners. DizDash is a simple, no nonsense event with exciting prizes up for grabs!

Here’s the basic idea. Several weeks in advance, we will post the next upcoming DizDash event at There will be limited information at that time, other than the specific date and time. Approximately one week before the DizDash event, we will post one or two broad clues about the competition. It might be a description of which park we’ll be in, or stating that it will be around WDW resort hotels and not the parks. On the day of the DizDash event, we will begin posting more specific clues as to the secret location. These clues will be posted on the DizMeet social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

DizDash will typically be scheduled from Noon to 6pm on the day of the event. Participants will search areas of the Disney parks and resorts based upon the clues that have been provided, always checking in on their Social Media sites to see if anymore clues have been posted. Throughout the day, more and more specific clues will be provided in an attempt to make sure that someone actually finds the secret location. When a participant finds the secret location, they will know by one or more DizMeet organizers being there wearing their bright tangerine DizMeet T-shirts.

When someone finds the secret location, and we have confirmed that they are in fact and active member of DizMeet, they will be awarded the grand prize. These prizes will vary from cash to Disney Merchandise, but will always maintain a value of over $75. When the competition is complete, and the winner is given the prize, we will send out the message to everyone that the competition is over and and a winner has emerged. We will also video record the entire process to post later on our social media sites. This ensures that everything is done in an honest manner.

For more information on DizDash, and other unique DizMeet events, go to

A Whole New World…of DizMeet!

For well over 3 years now, DizMeet has been the most active group related to Walt Disney World on Within the past year, we’ve seen a huge boom in activity. The number of people joining the group has increased exponentially, and we’ve maintained a calendar packed with upcoming events for quite some time. So why, in the height of DizMeet’s popularity, would we decide to start charging a membership fee? Here’s why… provides a platform for anyone to create their own group. Granted, most groups don’t stick around for very long. Either the main organizer of the group grows tired of it and decides to delete their meetup account, or some drama within the group members begins to eat away at the core of the group. But there are groups that do stick around and begin to build up a good following. Such is the story with DizMeet, and actually quite a few other Walt Disney World groups on meetup.

The fact is, Disney groups on are a dime a dozen. There are plenty to choose from, and if one member of a Disney group gets angry at the organizer of their current group, there’s a good chance they’ll go off and start their own group out of spite. Its always the same, it starts out with a few hundred members…if they’re lucky, they might get up to one thousand members. But more than likely, at some point things will fall apart in some way.

As for DizMeet, things have been a little different. Yes, we started out like all the other groups, and grew to a few hundred people, but at some point things sort of hit a boom. We started growing a lot faster than the other groups. One of the contributing factors was that we had some great Event Organizers that were willing to post lots of events. That meant we always had something cool going on. But I digress. Back to the original question…Why did DizMeet start charging a membership fee?

To put it simply, it was time for DizMeet to break away from the typical Disney World group. In a group, there are issues that are inherent to just being a part of the Meetup family. One of those issues is no-shows. That is, people that RSVP for an event, and don’t bother to show up. This stems from the fact that most members of are in several groups. So, they may see a meetup they want to attend on DizMeet, and RSVP, but the day before that event, another group has an event that appeals to them more. They end up going to this new event and never bother changing their RSVP for the original DizMeet event they were planning on attending. This happens a lot.

There are other issues with being just another group. When its free to join a group, you begin to attract people with bad intentions. Yes, I know its hard to believe, but there are people out there just looking for a hookup. Certain people have found out that being a member of a meetup group actually has more opportunity than joining a standard dating site. Believe me, I have nothing at all against people looking for romance, and DizMeet even offers singles meetups to accomodate this…but when there are unknowing and unwilling participants in this search for love, it brings about big problems.

As a result of implementing the membership fee, DizMeet has essentially solved both of those issues. When a member decides they would like to be a part of DizMeet, and pay the membership dues, there’s a very good chance that that person is a huge Disney World Fan, and are in the group to meet other people with the same interest in Disney, and not out for a hookup. Also, chances are if they’re paying a membership due, they’re much more likely to show up to the events that they RSVP for.

I know what you’re probably saying to yourself. Are those issues alone really worth paying a monthly membership due? No, not at all. There are much better reasons to pay a monthly membership for a meetup group. As was mentioned before, its time for DizMeet to break away from Meetup and establish itself as a very unique and exclusive social club, offering its members fun and exciting new ways to enjoy their time at Disney. We have a lot of very cool events in store, most of which fall in a few distinct categories…

  • DizDash¬†events.¬†Once a month, you will have the chance to win cash and prizes while enjoying exploring Disney resort properties. Race against other DizMeet members as you scramble to find the secret hiding spot. Be the first to find the secret location, and the grand prize is yours!
  • DizMeet events.¬†Whether its at one of the four theme parks, or anywhere else on property, DizMeet events are a great way to meet other fans and make lasting friendships. Oh yeah, there is lots of fun to be had as well!
  • DizNights events.¬†DizNights takes up where Pleasure Island left off. Believe it or not, there is plenty of entertainment for adults around WDW when the sun goes down. Bars, Lounges, Karaoke, and lots of other nighttime fun are on the agenda with DizNights. Carpe PM!!
  • DizDine events.¬†There‚Äôs no denying that WDW has loads of options when it comes to dining. DizDining focuses on dining events at both new and old Disney restaurants. It can be hard to get a dining reservation at one of your favorite Disney restaurants, but DizDining can be a great way to get in and enjoy some great food with great company!
  • DizDate events. Are you a ‚Äúsingle rider‚ÄĚ? DizDate events are a great way to get out there and meet other like-minded individuals that are also looking for that special someone. As a Disney fanatic, you know how important it is that your significant other is also a fan. DizDate provides an opportunity to bring you together with the right person.

As DizMeet¬†pushes toward the future, we strive to improve our members’ experience every step of the way. If you’re looking for a casual group to occasionally meetup with and hangout at the parks, I have to admit DizMeet is most likely not for you. If you are looking for unique and exciting events to enhance your Disney experience, and hope to meet others like you to form lasting friendships with, then DizMeet is the perfect place!

Come join us at

Disney Characters Infiltrating EPCOT!?

I might be a little behind on this topic, but does anyone else think Disney is trying to “sneak” a bunch of character stuff into EPCOT? For the longest time, EPCOT has been completely unique…not many references to Disney characters in the park. They even had their own unique characters, like Figment.
For a long time, I’ve thought that EPCOT needs a huge overhaul. Don’t get me wrong…EPCOT is my absolute favorite park. Its just been quite a while since EPCOT saw a big change or addition to the park. I have to assume that EPCOT does not see the same attendance as Magic Kingdom or the other two main parks (I have no evidence to back this up). Therefore, I would also assume that Disney is working on the issue.
Maybe Disney is trying to give EPCOT a shot of character to see how that affects attendance. My first clue to this was the changing of the Maelstrom to The Frozen ride. Then, I thought about Nemo being added to The Living Seas. Also, I’ve noticed character meet and greets with standard Disney characters over in World Showcase.
Believe me, I embrace change…and I’m not upset when Disney makes big changes. In fact, I LOVE change. As a local, I love the idea of changing things up every few years. But, I’m not so sure about Disney moving characters into EPCOT. I feel like this disrupts the time/space continuum, and is just overall crappy.

I’m not against characters in EPCOT…I just like my characters separated into their appropriate park. I want Mickey in Magic Kingdom, Figment in EPCOT, Lightning McQueen in Hollywood Studios, and those blue Avatar people in Animal Kingdom. You don’t want your corn to mix with your mashed potatoes…so why would you want your Goofy mixing with your Mr. Potato Head?
What do you think? What other examples of Disney character infiltration have you seen at EPCOT?

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DizMeet finally embraces Social Media!

Its sort of ironic that DizMeet is a social club, yet we don’t really have a large presence on social media. Well, that’s all about to change. Please follow us on the social media sites below! If you’re not a member yet, please join us at! #dizmeet #wdw #epcot #disney #disneyworld


Port Orleans – Riverside and French Quarter

The only Walt Disney World resort hotel that I’ve seen less than Port Orleans is Caribbean Beach. Well, actually I’ve never even driven into the parking lot of Pop Century or Art of Animation. But, those are considered value resorts, so they’re basically a Motel 6 with big props outside, right? I think before today I’d only visited Port Orleans once briefly when a relative stayed there for a couple of nights. But during that visit, I didn’t explore the hotel at all.

Wait….wait….I have been to Port Orleans before. It was for a DizMeet Meetup a couple of years ago, and we went to see YeHaa Bob. I guess that particular visit slipped my mind….or should I say, I’ve permanently removed that memory from my mind as it scarred me emotionally in a way that you can’t describe. The pure agony of having to stand up in front of a room full of people and do the “YMCA” dance, and then trot around the room on my imaginary horse, was too much to take. So, I think my subconscious mind¬†has deleted that bit of trauma from my memory.

Hmm….well, now that I think about it, we had another DizMeet meetup at another bar at Port Orleans not that long ago. Man…that YeHaa Bob experience really messed with my head! I’m also just realizing that I have never been to the Old Key West Resort either. Oh well, maybe that will be a blog for next week. Today we’re talking about Port Orleans.

I don’t know if its because I rarely visit Port Orleans, or because the architectural style is so difference from anything else at WDW…but stepping into the Port Orleans area is sort of a departure from the “typical” Disney resort. First of all, I think Port Orleans might be the hotel that’s the furthest away from any Disney park. What I mean by this is that there is no noise pollution from any other guest area nearby. Disney did a great job of separating this hotel away from everything and really making it a world in itself.

One thing I loved about the hotel property was that there is a river (or creek) running through the middle of it, and boat transportation is available from the Riverside to the French Quarter and on to Downtown Disney. Also, lots of big trees and wooded areas. Port Orleans is the type of property I love that has lots of smaller building connected by neatly landscaped paths and pedestrian bridges over the river. It was a lot of fun just taking a slow stroll around the grounds.

Although this really has nothing to do with Port Orleans specifically, I did have sort of a “magical” moment when I first started exploring the Port Orleans property. After stepping through the main lobby, and out the back door, heading down to the boat dock, I’m walking along the outside of the building and a door beside me flings open. Who comes stepping out? Mickey! Then Goofy…then Donald…then Pluto…then Captain Hook…and on and on and on. By the time they all got outside, there were probably 15 characters hanging around. I just stopped and tried to snap as many cool photos as I could. I know characters are around most anywhere on WDW property…but this was a cool experience, having all these characters come at you all of a sudden with no big crowd around them. Hooray!

I’d like to go back to Port Orleans again soon at night and check out the lounges again. During the cooler months, I think it would be a lot of fun to grab a drink and stroll around the property. I’ll keep you posted!

Until next time….Thanks!


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