Parking at Walt Disney World Resort Hotels

Needless to say, I’m a big Disney World fan. I try to take advantage of all that WDW has to offer. That includes the resort hotels. I can honestly say I visit the hotels even more than I do the theme parks. That’s not to say that I’m booking room nights at the hotels and actually staying overnight. Typically, I go to the resorts to just stroll around and enjoy the scenery, have some lunch or dinner at one of the great restaurants, spend an evening at one of the unique lounges, or just to setup a good spot to sit down and work on the computer for a while.

I’ve noticed that over the years its become increasingly hard to park at some of the hotels around WDW property. Security is without a doubt much tighter at the hotels that are connected to one of the theme parks. I can always get into DAKL, Coronado Springs, and Wilderness Lodge without any problems. But trying to park at the Polynesian, Contemporary, or Yacht & Beach can be a real hassle at times.

I understand that they have to watch out for people trying to get free parking at some of the resorts to avoid having to pay the hefty parking fees at the main lots. But should the locals that genuinely want to go spend time at the resort hotels have to suffer for this? Of course when the guard turns you away, they always give you the alternative method for getting to the resort. But who wants to park in a separate lot and take a monorail, boat, taxi, bus, or hike to their actual destination? Not me. I’d like to park in the parking lot of where I’m going and just walk in the building from there!

I think one of my main problems with not being allowed to park at some of the hotels some of the time is that it doesn’t necessarily seem to depend on the time of year, or how busy things are. It really seems to depend more upon the security guard manning the booth at the time you visit. Don’t get me wrong, dealing with this is much better than Disney charging money to park at the hotels. But still, maybe we can get some sort of system going where you show them your Annual Pass and your Florida Driver’s License and they roll out the red carpet for you! 😉

This rant has been brought to you by the letter P, and the number 0.

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