The Children Under the Stars – Part 3

When we left off, Clint’s coworker had told him an intteresting story about a young man named Albert that his daughter had met at Disney World. She had claimed that Albert had no parents, and that he actually live full-time on Disney World property. She had also mentioned that there were more children just like Albert, and they called themselves The Children Under The Stars.

After Clint had heard everything that Kevin had to say about his daughter’s tale of The Children Under The Stars, he desperately wanted to find out if there was any truth to this amazing story. Obviously, his urge was to excuse this as a child’s imagination, and it was just a coincidence that Kevin’s story went along with what Clint had seen in the parking lot that night. But then again, Clint knew that he saw something in those trees. Whether it was just a made up child’s story, his mind playing tricks on him, or there was actually some truth to all of it…he was going to do his best to find out.

The following day at work, Clint met with Kevin, his coworker, and told him that he was going to start doing some of his own research on The Children Under The Stars. Because they were both castmembers, they had access to many of the areas that regular guests could not get to. They decided that during their time off, they would search as much of the WDW property as they could to find clues. They would begin that night, by searching the wooded area of the parking lots where Clint had first seen a glimpse of someone in the trees.

After their shift that night at Hollywood Studios (then Disney/MGM Studios), around midnight, they grabbed a couple of flashlights and headed out for the patch of trees where Clint had his sighting. They examined the tree where Clint thought he had seen someone sitting in, but saw nothing out of the orginary. They began to search the surrounding area, and just as they were beginning to get dissapointed, Kevin saw something unusual as he shined his flashlight high in a tree.

Kevin called for Clint to come over, and he again pointed his flashlight up into the thickest part of a tall pine tree. They could see something about 25 feet up, reflecting the light from flashlight. Without much thought, Clint began climbing the tree. Surprisingly, Clint made it up to the spot where they had seen the object fairly quickly. The tree’s limbs were spaced just right for him to climb it quickly and easily.

As he reached the spot of interest, he called down to Kevin. “You’re not going to believe this one, buddy!”. He climbed back down, much slower than he had gone up. As he got close to the bottom of the tree, Kevin was anxiously awaiting to see what Clint had found in the tree. Finally, Clint made it to the bottom of the tree. “Well, what is it? What did you find?” Kevin asked excitedly.

Clint then produced what looked to be a small spy glass. It was actually one half of a small pair of binoculars. It looks as though someone had broken a pair of binoculars in half. It was the lens of the crudely made spy glass that reflected the light from the flashlight. They had been hanging by their strap on a small broken branch in the tree.

The two men stood there in the dark, amazed at what they had discovered. Could this be proof that there was someone in this area the night Clint saw something? Could it be that this spy glass is used on a regular basis by someone, or by a group of people…or children? Kevin began to circle the tree again, shining his light all over it to see if there was anything else that had missed. All of a sudden, Kevin said, “Clint, you should come check this out”. Clint walked to the other side of the tree, and there was Kevin shining his flashlight right at the tree, about 3 feet off the ground. There, carved into the tree, were the words The CUTS.

…To be continued.

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