DizDash Makes its Debut!


Sunday October 25th marks the beginning of what will be a monthly event for DizMeet. It will be the first ever DizDash! A fun and exciting race around the Walt Disney World resorts to find the secret location. Be the first DizMeet member to find the designated secret spot and the grand prize is yours!

For some time now, DizMeet has played host to various interactive style events, such as Scavenger Hunts and other competition-based meetups. The Scavenger Hunts in particular have been very successful within the DizMeet group, often bringing in more than 100 participants at each event. Most of these events were either focused on one of the four major theme parks, or in some instances, there was a Scavenger Hunt that actually spanned all four Walt Disney World theme parks.

For DizDash, we’ve simplified things….a lot. There’s no long list of items that you have to carry around and check off. Who wants to walk around the parks with a piece of paper and a pen all day? Not me. Also, there’s no software or app that you need to download in order to participate. Granted, we will be giving out clues on our social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter…but most everyone will have those apps installed on their mobile device already. Lastly, there will not be a lengthy grading process at the end of the event to determine the winners. DizDash is a simple, no nonsense event with exciting prizes up for grabs!

Here’s the basic idea. Several weeks in advance, we will post the next upcoming DizDash event at www.DizMeet.com. There will be limited information at that time, other than the specific date and time. Approximately one week before the DizDash event, we will post one or two broad clues about the competition. It might be a description of which park we’ll be in, or stating that it will be around WDW resort hotels and not the parks. On the day of the DizDash event, we will begin posting more specific clues as to the secret location. These clues will be posted on the DizMeet social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

DizDash will typically be scheduled from Noon to 6pm on the day of the event. Participants will search areas of the Disney parks and resorts based upon the clues that have been provided, always checking in on their Social Media sites to see if anymore clues have been posted. Throughout the day, more and more specific clues will be provided in an attempt to make sure that someone actually finds the secret location. When a participant finds the secret location, they will know by one or more DizMeet organizers being there wearing their bright tangerine DizMeet T-shirts.

When someone finds the secret location, and we have confirmed that they are in fact and active member of DizMeet, they will be awarded the grand prize. These prizes will vary from cash to Disney Merchandise, but will always maintain a value of over $75. When the competition is complete, and the winner is given the prize, we will send out the message to everyone that the competition is over and and a winner has emerged. We will also video record the entire process to post later on our social media sites. This ensures that everything is done in an honest manner.

For more information on DizDash, and other unique DizMeet events, go to www.DizMeet.com.


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