A Whole New World…of DizMeet!

For well over 3 years now, DizMeet has been the most active group related to Walt Disney World on Meetup.com. Within the past year, we’ve seen a huge boom in activity. The number of people joining the group has increased exponentially, and we’ve maintained a calendar packed with upcoming events for quite some time. So why, in the height of DizMeet’s popularity, would we decide to start charging a membership fee? Here’s why…

Meetup.com provides a platform for anyone to create their own group. Granted, most groups don’t stick around for very long. Either the main organizer of the group grows tired of it and decides to delete their meetup account, or some drama within the group members begins to eat away at the core of the group. But there are groups that do stick around and begin to build up a good following. Such is the story with DizMeet, and actually quite a few other Walt Disney World groups on meetup.

The fact is, Disney groups on Meetup.com are a dime a dozen. There are plenty to choose from, and if one member of a Disney group gets angry at the organizer of their current group, there’s a good chance they’ll go off and start their own group out of spite. Its always the same, it starts out with a few hundred members…if they’re lucky, they might get up to one thousand members. But more than likely, at some point things will fall apart in some way.

As for DizMeet, things have been a little different. Yes, we started out like all the other groups, and grew to a few hundred people, but at some point things sort of hit a boom. We started growing a lot faster than the other groups. One of the contributing factors was that we had some great Event Organizers that were willing to post lots of events. That meant we always had something cool going on. But I digress. Back to the original question…Why did DizMeet start charging a membership fee?

To put it simply, it was time for DizMeet to break away from the typical Meetup.com Disney World group. In a Meetup.com group, there are issues that are inherent to just being a part of the Meetup family. One of those issues is no-shows. That is, people that RSVP for an event, and don’t bother to show up. This stems from the fact that most members of Meetup.com are in several groups. So, they may see a meetup they want to attend on DizMeet, and RSVP, but the day before that event, another group has an event that appeals to them more. They end up going to this new event and never bother changing their RSVP for the original DizMeet event they were planning on attending. This happens a lot.

There are other issues with being just another Meetup.com group. When its free to join a group, you begin to attract people with bad intentions. Yes, I know its hard to believe, but there are people out there just looking for a hookup. Certain people have found out that being a member of a meetup group actually has more opportunity than joining a standard dating site. Believe me, I have nothing at all against people looking for romance, and DizMeet even offers singles meetups to accomodate this…but when there are unknowing and unwilling participants in this search for love, it brings about big problems.

As a result of implementing the membership fee, DizMeet has essentially solved both of those issues. When a member decides they would like to be a part of DizMeet, and pay the membership dues, there’s a very good chance that that person is a huge Disney World Fan, and are in the group to meet other people with the same interest in Disney, and not out for a hookup. Also, chances are if they’re paying a membership due, they’re much more likely to show up to the events that they RSVP for.

I know what you’re probably saying to yourself. Are those issues alone really worth paying a monthly membership due? No, not at all. There are much better reasons to pay a monthly membership for a meetup group. As was mentioned before, its time for DizMeet to break away from Meetup and establish itself as a very unique and exclusive social club, offering its members fun and exciting new ways to enjoy their time at Disney. We have a lot of very cool events in store, most of which fall in a few distinct categories…

  • DizDash events. Once a month, you will have the chance to win cash and prizes while enjoying exploring Disney resort properties. Race against other DizMeet members as you scramble to find the secret hiding spot. Be the first to find the secret location, and the grand prize is yours!
  • DizMeet events. Whether its at one of the four theme parks, or anywhere else on property, DizMeet events are a great way to meet other fans and make lasting friendships. Oh yeah, there is lots of fun to be had as well!
  • DizNights events. DizNights takes up where Pleasure Island left off. Believe it or not, there is plenty of entertainment for adults around WDW when the sun goes down. Bars, Lounges, Karaoke, and lots of other nighttime fun are on the agenda with DizNights. Carpe PM!!
  • DizDine events. There’s no denying that WDW has loads of options when it comes to dining. DizDining focuses on dining events at both new and old Disney restaurants. It can be hard to get a dining reservation at one of your favorite Disney restaurants, but DizDining can be a great way to get in and enjoy some great food with great company!
  • DizDate events. Are you a “single rider”? DizDate events are a great way to get out there and meet other like-minded individuals that are also looking for that special someone. As a Disney fanatic, you know how important it is that your significant other is also a fan. DizDate provides an opportunity to bring you together with the right person.

As DizMeet pushes toward the future, we strive to improve our members’ experience every step of the way. If you’re looking for a casual group to occasionally meetup with and hangout at the parks, I have to admit DizMeet is most likely not for you. If you are looking for unique and exciting events to enhance your Disney experience, and hope to meet others like you to form lasting friendships with, then DizMeet is the perfect place!

Come join us at DizMeet.com.


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