Disney Characters Infiltrating EPCOT!?

I might be a little behind on this topic, but does anyone else think Disney is trying to “sneak” a bunch of character stuff into EPCOT? For the longest time, EPCOT has been completely unique…not many references to Disney characters in the park. They even had their own unique characters, like Figment.
For a long time, I’ve thought that EPCOT needs a huge overhaul. Don’t get me wrong…EPCOT is my absolute favorite park. Its just been quite a while since EPCOT saw a big change or addition to the park. I have to assume that EPCOT does not see the same attendance as Magic Kingdom or the other two main parks (I have no evidence to back this up). Therefore, I would also assume that Disney is working on the issue.
Maybe Disney is trying to give EPCOT a shot of character to see how that affects attendance. My first clue to this was the changing of the Maelstrom to The Frozen ride. Then, I thought about Nemo being added to The Living Seas. Also, I’ve noticed character meet and greets with standard Disney characters over in World Showcase.
Believe me, I embrace change…and I’m not upset when Disney makes big changes. In fact, I LOVE change. As a local, I love the idea of changing things up every few years. But, I’m not so sure about Disney moving characters into EPCOT. I feel like this disrupts the time/space continuum, and is just overall crappy.

I’m not against characters in EPCOT…I just like my characters separated into their appropriate park. I want Mickey in Magic Kingdom, Figment in EPCOT, Lightning McQueen in Hollywood Studios, and those blue Avatar people in Animal Kingdom. You don’t want your corn to mix with your mashed potatoes…so why would you want your Goofy mixing with your Mr. Potato Head?
What do you think? What other examples of Disney character infiltration have you seen at EPCOT?

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