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The Children Under the Stars – Part 2

If you haven’t already read Part 1…please go HERE and check it out.

When we left off, Clint was telling a coworker about his strange experience the previous night. The coworker seemed to have heard something about this before, and mentioned “The Children Under the Stars” as Clint finished explaining what he’d seen. When Clint questioned him about it, the coworker asked if they could meet somewhere private later that day for lunch. Clint agreed, and waited for his lunch break with anticipation…curious to find out what his fellow castmember knew.

Finally, lunch break arrived that day and Clint met up with Kevin, his Coworker. Kevin took Clint to a rather secluded spot in a far corner of the MGM Studios Backlot and made sure that nobody was within earshot of them. Then, he began to tell Clint what he knew about the strange figure Clint had seen the night before in the trees.

Kevin had a seven year-old daughter named Emma. He would often bring Emma to the Disney parks on his day off. They had been visiting the parks since Emma was born, and she was just about as familiar with every aspect of Disney World as Kevin was. Occasionally, Kevin would take Emma backstage on their park visits as he would stop in and say hello to castmembers he had worked with. Emma enjoyed exploring the areas backstage, and often called them “secret” spots because regular park guests were not allowed access to those areas.

About two years prior, when Emma was five years old, her and her father were on their way back home from a long day in the parks. As they normally did on these car rides back home, Kevin was asking her what her favorite ride was that day, what characters she enjoyed seeing, and what she wanted to do the next time they visited the parks. On this particular drive, when Kevin asked his daughter who she enjoyed seeing the most that day, expecting her to say one of the typical Disney characters, instead she replied, “Albert. I want to see Albert again!”. Puzzled, Kevin asked who Albert was, and Emma said, “Albert lives with Mickey and the other children.” “The other children?” Kevin asked. “Yes, the children under the stars” she replied.

Kevin was a bit confused by what Emma had said, but at the time he just assumed it was her great imagination. But still, he was curious to see how far she would take it, and continued to question her about Albert. Emma explained that she had been talking to Albert while they were standing in line to get their picture taken with Peter Pan, Emma’s favorite character at the time. Kevin remembered Emma talking to a young boy who was around nine years old who was waiting in line with his family. When Kevin asked Emma if Albert’s family lived with Mickey too, she asked “What family?”. Kevin said, “His Mommy and Daddy that were standing in line with him to see Peter Pan.” Emma then explained that those were not his mommy and daddy. “Albert said when he’s not in a secret area, he has to stay close to other kids’ mommies and daddies…so the bad guys don’t take him away.”

As Kevin told his story, Clint was amazed. What was this all about? He had to know more. As their lunch break drew to a close, Clint asked Kevin if he could meet with him soon to tell him more about what he knew. Kevin agreed, and they made plans to meet the following day.

To be continued…


Disney Characters Infiltrating EPCOT!?

I might be a little behind on this topic, but does anyone else think Disney is trying to “sneak” a bunch of character stuff into EPCOT? For the longest time, EPCOT has been completely unique…not many references to Disney characters in the park. They even had their own unique characters, like Figment.
For a long time, I’ve thought that EPCOT needs a huge overhaul. Don’t get me wrong…EPCOT is my absolute favorite park. Its just been quite a while since EPCOT saw a big change or addition to the park. I have to assume that EPCOT does not see the same attendance as Magic Kingdom or the other two main parks (I have no evidence to back this up). Therefore, I would also assume that Disney is working on the issue.
Maybe Disney is trying to give EPCOT a shot of character to see how that affects attendance. My first clue to this was the changing of the Maelstrom to The Frozen ride. Then, I thought about Nemo being added to The Living Seas. Also, I’ve noticed character meet and greets with standard Disney characters over in World Showcase.
Believe me, I embrace change…and I’m not upset when Disney makes big changes. In fact, I LOVE change. As a local, I love the idea of changing things up every few years. But, I’m not so sure about Disney moving characters into EPCOT. I feel like this disrupts the time/space continuum, and is just overall crappy.

I’m not against characters in EPCOT…I just like my characters separated into their appropriate park. I want Mickey in Magic Kingdom, Figment in EPCOT, Lightning McQueen in Hollywood Studios, and those blue Avatar people in Animal Kingdom. You don’t want your corn to mix with your mashed potatoes…so why would you want your Goofy mixing with your Mr. Potato Head?
What do you think? What other examples of Disney character infiltration have you seen at EPCOT?

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DizMeet finally embraces Social Media!

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