Last Night’s Meetup – 8/16/13

Friday Night's logo

Friday Night’s logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I first want to apologize for being late on posting this episode of Last Night’s Meetup. Without naming any names, a certain member of the group promised to write this week’s blog, but failed to follow through with that promise. I assure you, this member of the group will be severely punished for this blatant act of insubordination. For everyone else in the group that is interested in writing posts on the blog, keep in mind that any tom-foolery such as this will not be tolerated in any way. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience and will make sure that this situation doesn’t happen again. Now, onto Last Night’s Meetup (which is actually the Night Before Last’s Meetup).

Friday Night’s Meetup was great, as usual. And as usual, I think a lot of the things that made it great, were not-so-great things. It’s really all the little moments of the meetup that stick in your mind, good or bad, that are really the things that make it memorable. And I suppose that any memory, good or bad, somehow turns out great when its at Disney. Aww….isn’t that sweet? I’ll go over a few of the memorable moments of the night, and as usual I’ll try to avoid mentioning any names and / or making anyone hate my guts….any more than they already do. Before I begin, let me preface this by saying that everything you read here is my interpretation of what went on. Others in the group might think what I’m saying is total nonsense. That’s one of the reasons why I really want people to participate and comment on the blog posts. Do it!

Although we decided to go back to the usual Monorail Crawl for this meetup, we switched it up a bit. Instead of starting at Tambu, then moving around to Mizner’s and The Wave…we went from Tambu to the Territory Lounge at Wilderness Lodge via boat. Tambu was just as good as ever. Although there is one thing that sort of bothers me about Tambu. It really doesn’t lend itself to everyone walking around and mingling. The seating at Tambu makes people jump towards a stool or seat when it becomes available. But, I think Tambu is a great place to start the night out. It’s sort of a gathering place where we can pull everyone together and head out to wherever we’re going to get truly drunk.  Once we were all present, we decided to take our drinks and get on the monorail. We rode around to the Magic Kingdom where we got off the monorail, and waited in line for too long to get on the sauna….I mean the boat.

Monorail at Walt Disney World in Florida Monor...

Monorail at Walt Disney World in Florida Monorail Black passing the main entrance to the Magic Kingdom towards the station as seen from the Magic Kingdom train (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As much as I’d like to blame the boat idea on someone else, I have to admit it was totally my idea. I guess I could blame everyone else for agreeing to my idea. So in the end, its really not my fault. Things got real shitty once we got off the monorail. It was hot and humid, we had to wait in line for the boat for what seemed like an eternity, and I always feel a little uncomfortable on a drinking meetup when we have to wait in line right next to a family that has little kids and has been at the parks all day. When the boat finally arrived, and we started to board, everything seemed much better…..until we actually got on the boat. This was standing room only. They really packed the people on there. Think of being locked in a port-a-potty with 3 other people in the hottest part of the day in Orlando. That’s what it was like…minus the poop smell. Well, sort of. One great thing about this boat ride was that I got to go over the water bridge next to the Contemporary. I’ve driven under that thing a million times, and this was the first time I’d actually gone over it. Good times.

When we finally got to The Wilderness Lodge, we hit up the Territory Lounge. I’ve been to this place a couple of times, and had forgotten what a crappy beer selection they have. But, there were nearby food options for those that were hungry. I also like the atmosphere of the Territory Lounge, and the service is pretty good there. This is a place I wouldn’t mind visiting on future meetups. I’ve always been a huge fan of the Wilderness Lodge, and anytime I have an excuse to go there, I’m all about it. We spent the rest of the night at Territory Lounge and as the night went on, some people started to worry about how they were going to get back to their cars. Most people had parked at one of the other resorts, and the boats quit running at some point. I took my chance to get a ride, and left several people still drinking at the lounge. I haven’t heard from those people since Friday, so I hope they didn’t get abducted by the chupacabra that haunts the Wilderness Lodge grounds at night.

So how’s that for a great blog post? Pretty boring huh? Well, I completely agree. I think the blog would be much more interesting if I mentioned all of the little things that happened during the meetup between attendees that really made the night interesting. Believe me, I understand that my boring rendition of the night’s events are about as entertaining as Big Mamma’s House 2 (not the first one, it was pretty good). I know that the blog needs some gossip. You need to hear the juicy details of what really went on that night. But it’s tough to do that without really pissing some people off. It wouldn’t be hard to change the names so that nobody would really know who I’m talking about, but obviously that person would know I’m talking about them.

Entrance of Disney's Wilderness Lodge

Entrance of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For now, I’m going to refrain from mentioning the “juicy” details. But trust me, if you’re willing to participate in the group and meet people, you’ll definitely be entertained. If you’ve read the meetup comments lately, you know that our members aren’t afraid to get a little politically incorrect, and for that matter, downright offensive. Over the past few weeks, our Friday Night Meetups have really began gaining popularity. We’ve met some great new people, and I hope many more new members will join us on these Friday Night Meetups. As I said, for now I’ve decided not to go overboard on the details of these meetups, but I strongly urge you to check out a meetup for yourself and join in the fun!



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